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About our company and how we work to produce brake shoe and disc pad
for the good quality

The History of Eka Swastya Company and Our Brake Shoe & Disc Pad Factory 


PT Eka Swastya established in February 27, 1979 through legitimate law in Indonesia. Eka Swastya is a national private based company which manufactures brake shoes, disc brakes, and brake linings for all major brand motorcycle, with the full transfer of technology and license from KSK WAKAYAMA NEINENKI Co, Ltd. Japan.

In 1986, PT Eka Swastya collaborated with Nissin Kogyo CO, Ltd, a leading manufacturing company in Japan, to fulfill demands of the OEM Market.


Focusing on Produces a Quality Spare Parts of Brake Shoe & Disc Pad for Motorcycle


Due to the increased level of production and demand for motorcycles in Indonesia, then the need for spares/parts (parts) components for replacement are also affected, including the needs for brake lining and brake discs, which are categorized as "spare parts sell quickly" (fast moving parts). Therefore, the demand for these two component parts increased sharply from time to time.

With demand ever-increasing market share, then the Board of Directors of PT. Eka Swastya decided to increase its capacity and re-organization of the system of production processes to become better and use more efficient way, by renewing and put additional production machines to achieve the goal. In 2000, PT. Eka Swastya moved his company from Pulo Gadung Industrial Estate, East Jakarta Industrial Estate to Cikupa, Tangerang, Banten, to have a wider operating room for expansion in the future.

Currently, the company is working to obtain ISO certification standards in the areas of the plant, in order to meet international standards, because PT. Eka Swastya has been exporting some of its products to several countries. These efforts must be made, so that the company can produce not only high quality products but also to be competitive, both in meeting national and international standards.


Message from Board of Directors.

With the rapid increasing population of vehicles every year, so the market share for Motorcycle Brake Shoe is large and open to achieve.

Recently existing plant manufacturer which can fulfill those needs is still a few.

PT Eka Swastya as a manufacturer company that has more than 20 years of experiences in the field attempting to exist to fulfill the customer's need with the high quality product.

Through the application of science and technology in the field of research and development, company continue to look for new innovation in producing the goods with internationalize standard on an on going basis and proceeds.

We hope the presence of PT Eka Swastya can provide real aded value  and contribution to the welfare of society and the progress of the nation.




About Our Brake Shoe Factory


Quality Guidelines: Quality Management System ISO 9001; 2008 and Standard ISO

Quality Policy: "We are committed to producing innovative brake shoe with good quality, timely delivery and good service to achieve customer satisfaction by continually make improvements to the production process and quality management systems".