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3 Problems Often Ignored The riders Motorcycles

Posting Date: 27 January 2016

In today's era of technological advancement, with the increasingly rapid development of course we are familiar with the name of the vehicle, whether it's a two-wheeled or four-wheel drive. So many positive results of the development of technology that produces a new creativity that allows many people to live their lives. But you know, that not a few motorists often ignore the condition of the bike, but has made a machine that helps job but still can not take care of him, but if examined the riders only need to exercise care not it? As indifferent, but they know. Either a thousand reasons for being lazy, or unwilling to fix the reason most frequently performed.

Whereas if you are aware, the importance of treating the condition and performance of the motor vehicle was very large influence on the safety of your own. Is there anything else that is more important than your safety while driving with a street bike? Sure there, others and yourself is the answer. If the condition of your motor is in poor condition, and field trips that you traveled also requires a high concentration, how you can put your full attention on the road, especially if you own should consider the condition of your bike is not good? Or perhaps you do not care about the condition of your bike and the people who are around you? If you like it, better change your way of thinking from now on. Because if anything happens to the streets due to the condition of your bike is not good, who is going to help you? Of course the people who are around the way is not it? Because it helps you appreciate the people around you and your bike.

Citing sentence of Wiki that "There are three main factors that cause terjadikanya accident, the first is the human factor, the second is a vehicle and the last factor is the factor of the road". It proves that you should still pay attention to the condition of your motor vehicle, no matter how small the problem that occurred in the motor, of course it is possible occurrence of a larger problem in the end.

Therefore you as a user of a motor vehicle, you should know that is often ignored in the treatment of motorcycle:

1. Using the Chain Rings

If you see this is a common issue, or you do not even take seriously, but if you're driving in runs and then suddenly your chain broke on the road either because of rust, or dirty, or is it time to be replaced, then this will very difficult not, in addition to encouraging him to look for a place of this service will also be a waste of time and energy, which should be timely to place the goal to be late. Especially if it occurs during congestion, of course you already know what the risk is not it?

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2. Still Using tires that already Fine smooth tire


ban halus

It is also a major problem that keeps the tires are fine. This can be detrimental if the terrain potholes, especially if accompanied by rain. Slippery terrain that makes you have to be extra konstentrasi maintain a balance bike from falling, and also maintain the balance in cornering on the road. It would be very difficult for you to drive, but why they chose a big risk that could risk their own lives and the people around? We recommend that you do turn of tires and other components that you think it should be replaced.

3. Never Watch the situation Canvas Brake Motor


kanvas rem habis

And this is a point which is not less important, if you do not pay more attention to it then it could be fatal, especially if someone in front of you do brake suddenly, or you are trying to avoid the potholes in the road, what would happen if you still let canvas old brake has been exhausted? It would be wise if you frequently check on your motorcycle brake pads, and if you realize that the motor brake pads must be replaced then, look for a place that is providing brake pads that have good quality and in accordance with the type of your vehicle, because it will make your motor vehicle be more optimal and help save your street.