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Hand brake: One component that Occasionally Forgotten

Posting Date: 27 January 2016

Preparing the vehicle is something that must be done by the riders who will travel far, especially for four-wheeled vehicles or cars, in order to avoid a lot of unwanted things. Many motorists are careless and do not pay attention to smaller components that exist on the vehicle, for example, is a hand brake or parking brake. Although these small components, these components actually have an important role in every car.

Typically, this role handbrake when the car stops or when the car is parked, the sloping street, or at the time of uphill and downhill roads. Even more importantly, these brakes can be used as a backup brake that can be used when the main brake function has a tension.

Hand Brake Checking

Before driving long distances by car, it's good to check the state of emergency brake carefully. The main thing is cleaning discs or disc brakes available on the braking system. Normally, this brake oiringan cleaning should be done every 1,000 to 2,000 kilometers on a regular basis. Once the brake disc is clean, check the brake shoe circumstances that exist in all braking systems, brake pads are worn will make the brakes work becomes makslimal, even menimbilkan rough scratches on the brake disc due to friction with the brake pads are worn.
If you do not want to bother and like simple in the examination of brake pads, just replace the rear wheel brake pads worn, because the braking system hand brake is located on the rear wheels. The characteristics of the condition of the rear brake pads are worn can be felt when pulling the hand brake segment, if at the time in the appeal has begun to rise, can be sure that the brake pads are worn hands. This situation can be changed by replacing the brake pads are new, and can also rearrange the high and the low hand brake lever according to taste in order to maximize the performance of the brakes.