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Here are 3 things that affect the performance of Caliper Brakes on Vehicle

Posting Date: 27 January 2016

As the development of technology that is present in the automotive industry, many types of brake calipers developed and marketed out there, even at some brake shoe company are sometimes come to sell it in order to increase their productivity. However, not many of us who know the types and advantages, especially for riders who do not want to see his motorcycle. Indeed, the brake calipers is useful as a canvas holder for gripping the disc brakes. So far there are three things that affect performance caliper on the vehicle, three things will be discussed together below.

3 Types and Excellence Caliper Brakes

1. The piston is in the brake calipers

There are differences in the number of pistons used in each brake caliper. The level of braking performance also depends on how many pistons used in kalipernya. The more piston calipers are used, then braking will be felt more leverage in gripping the brake disc so that work can be accelerated.
Piston size can affect braking performance. The larger the pistons in the calipers, the greater the impetus also being generated. Rough and smooth surfaces in a caliper piston can also affect the working brakes, a smooth surface in a piston caliper braking process will increase by 40%.

2. Mounting bolt brake caliper

Mounting bolts here means the holder binding shock absorber with calipers. So far, there are two types of mounting bolts and brake calipers. First there is the axial type. This axial types commonly encountered and easily seen on vehicles circulating in Indonesia. If you see a bolt caliper leaning outward, it can langung ascertained that it is characteristic of the type of axial. Simple construction makes it excellent for producers to use this type of axial. However, this type has its drawbacks. As the use of the vehicle and with the old ratio, then there will be the possibility of a worn or loose symptom that is felt in the brake caliper holder. Of course this will affect brake performance.

The second is a type of radial, moge or motor sport vehicles tend to use this type. Mounting bolts are more directed to the fore is characteristic of this type, sehinnga when braking, even in a period and the old ratio and continue, movement of the brake caliper will tend to be stable and rigid. Construction of this type will put the brake caliper at the point of maximum work of making konstuksinya although still expensive.

3. Model-making

Besides the above, there is another one that affects the performance of the brake caliper that is, the model construction. In the automotive world today, there are only two ways of making a caliper. The first is the conventional model. The conventional model is made of two molds are connected or made into one. Secondly there monoblock models are made from a single chunk of material that is cut and made into an calipers.
In the process, the model monoblock calipers can be said to be more expensive than the conventional model. Why? as a way to make one chunk that is cut and made to be a caliper requires effort and greater cost but its results will be more rigid and became an own advantages. Kelaebihannya can directly be felt when driving, braking process will be maximized and feels stable. Monoblock type is always paired with exquisite radial type brakes, so it tends to be installed in motor sport vehicles.

That's three things that can affect the performance brake calipers of any kind and systems used, like the CBS or ABS, brake performance can be maximized and the views of kalipernya own. So, hopefully we can add to our understanding in the automotive world, especially for braking. In the future, the authors will present an interesting article about the automotive world this again. Thank you.