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How to take care of motorcycle Disc pac

Posting Date: 22 May 2017

As you get older the motor vehicle you use to perform various activities, of course you have experienced various problems to the motor that you use. Starting from the machine that died suddenly, until a strange sound when using the disc pad.

For the latter problem, there is usually a problem with your Motorcycle Disc pad. Therefore, it is important for you to always keep the disc pad on your motor is always in top shape, especially in big cities like Jakarta that the intensity of the use of his high brakes because of traffic jams.
To make the disc pad on your motor durable and durable, here are the tips:


1. Check the Tromol Brakes

The first step is to check the condition of tromol disc pad. Do not let it be left dirty. Clean the tromol and make sure the tray of the disc is clean and the holder is flat to allow the disk disc to rotate symmetrically so the brake latch load becomes light


2. Clean Caliper and Flexible Pin

Next is to clean the components of the calipers and flexible pins for the pressure provided by the disc pad to be even. In addition, it is important for us to pay attention to the distance between the disk and disc pad for the right position and not touch the disc pad by rotating the motorcycle. Do it slowly to make it easy to make sure.


3. Lubrication Bearing

In order to avoid speling on the bearing, make sure the wheel bearing is supplied with the lubricant. Do it periodically to avoid unwanted things, namely disk discs tangent to the disc pad. This is often the case with some motorists be it motor matik, motor sport and other types of motorcycles.


4. Pay attention to how you drive

As a biker, you should always be wise to use the disc pad in order to survive long. In driving, note the distance between your motor with other riders. Do not get too close so not only your disc pad are durable, but your safety is also guaranteed.
And most important of all it is to use a quality disc pad products, also note your Motorcycle Spare Part . Set the schedule to perform service on your motorcycles on a regular basis. good luck.