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The Secrets and Unique Facts of Combi Brake System (CBS)

Posting Date: 27 January 2016

Lately, braking technology in the automotive world is already growing, particularly fortwo-wheeled vehicles. One of the braking system that is being developed is a Combi Brake System or CBS. This system is adopted from braking system that already existed on a four wheeled vehicle. Basically, CBS is a braking system that uses two functions braking (discs brake and tromol brakes) simultaneously in one-touch. If in a car, we could see the car driver stepped on the brake pedal, then both front and rear brakes will perform its functions simultaneously, thus braking function will run optimally. Well, it adopted to motorcycle.


The number of cases of accidents caused due to braking system in a single direction, then the developers has been applyed this braking system on motorcycle in order to minimizing its accidents. This proven braking system in the number of cases to minimize the occurrence of accidents. However, there are some interesting facts about the secrets and brakingtechnology of CBS. 

5 secrets and unique facts about CBS

  1. Actually, the CBS technology is already adopted on motorcycle type GL 1100 Gold Wing in 1983. For now,  this feature has been applied into motorcycles such as scooter-matic.
  2. The expert and developers of technology braking system technology opined that  CBS technology is wasteful and inconvenient. Because, It forced the users of CBS technonolgy to check the brake shoe and set the brake continually.
  3. At first, the CBS technology is allocated for the beginner bikers to avoid the suddenly brakes and able to drive like a professional rider. However, because the user and target marketing that is misguided, then the skill of professional bikers has been dissapeared.
  4. This technology is capable of delivering a maximum braking distance when compared to the braking system that is only in one direction. So, the biginner riders become more comfortable to using his motorcycle. But, they won’t know how to learn braking properly unless taught directly by professional riders.
  5. The placement of CBS in the motorcycle brake handle is located on the left. It has been an deficiency and becomedangerous,why? generally a beginner or professional riders who pass through the bend will hit the rear brake to slow the vehicle, but because of this, CBS technology automatically when the rider presses the brake lever left automatically just by pressing the lever front brake is locked then some accident will be happens.

Some secrets and unique facts above might be just a bit, but the author hopes to give a little bit of this information to the users of the CBS technology. In the future, the users of motorcycle braking technology that has the CBS should be more careful and more diligent in checking their vehicles, especially the rear brake. Because, it could supporting and optimizing the performance of the CBS braking technology.