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This are the types, components, and The Work systems of Drum Brakes

Posting Date: 27 January 2016

In the previous articles have described some of the existing brake system in motorcycle technology. The technology made for the comfort and safety of the rider. However, the work system drum brakes are still a favorite for motorcycle manufacturers, the article in addition to secure, brakes work system is not too much to pay. On this occasion, Admin eager to peel out on all the components in this brake, langung only.


Components and How Brake Drum Works

Components on the drum brake includes five basic components, namely:

1. Drum

2. Cylinder Wheels

3. Brake Shoes

4. Canvas Rem

5. Spring Return

Five basic components are very active role between one and the other. For a four-wheeled vehicle, drum brake is located on the rear wheels.

The workings of this brake, when the driver presses the lever on the brake pedal, the master cylinder will issue a fluid or brake fluid is then passed to the wheel cylinder, then cylinder wheel will depress the brake shoes and eventually brake shoes will lead the brake pads to press the drum in order to cause friction between Canvas and drum, friction is a cause of motor vehicle or car be slowed.


Type of drum brakes

Basically there are three types of drum brakes are widely applied to vehicle manufacturers, of the three types, the manufacturers combine up to 5 types of brake drum. The types of drum brakes are:

1. Leading and Trailing Type

2. Type Unservo

3. Type Duoservo

4. Type Two Leading Single Action

5. Type Two Leading Double Action

1. Leading and Trailing Type

In this type using a cylinder wheel brake with two pistons that fill it. Brake shoes on the wheel is not connected to the wheels in silender anchor pivot pin which resulted in the absence of movement. Braking force this type have the same kekutan when forward or backward so that this system is applied in many rear wheels of a vehicle.


Different types of the above premises, the type of braking drum UNISERVO has one cylinder and a piston alone in it and the brake shoes that are not connected with roller skates can still move. Power or brake force on this one there at the time the vehicle ahead, so many manufacturers have put on the brakes on the front wheels.

3. Type Duoservo

This type is almost similar to the first, which is kind of Leading and Trailing, only brake shoes that are not connected to the cylinder is not completely fastened or tied with a floating manner in order to be able to keep it moving. This type of braking is often used on the rear brake because the existing keuatannya when forward or backward, but has the power more than on the types of Leading and Trailing.

Leading to Type Two and Type Two Single Action Double Action Leading is the amalgamation of the three types of drum brakes at the top, but not much in use in vehicles has been growing because the existing braking system.

Once completely peeled all types, ways of working and its components, hopefully we can be more attention and care for our own vehicle, especially the braking components, since these components plays an important role in the safety and comfort us when you're driving.