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PT. Eka-Swastya as one of Brake Shoe Manufacturer Company in Indonesia, providing motorcycle spare part with the best quality and have a national standardized. All products are made in-house by PT. Eka-Swastya and has been tested directly, and confirmed ready to use for your motorcycle.

Disc Pad (KANPAS REM )

Type of Vehicle:

  • Suzuki Tornado


Disc Pad for Suzuki Tornado

Disc pad products that we produce can be used for various types of motorcycle. By using the best quality materials in our factory, so we can create a variety of motor spare parts quality to meet the needs of your vehicle. You can see all of activities of Eka-Swastya Factory here.


We also provide various kinds of Motorcycle Spare Part such as brake shoe and Disc Pad for various types of other motorcycle.